Premium Child Safety Lock for Doors and Cupboards

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Do you wish to ensure your baby doesn't open fridge or cabinet doors which will cause harm to them?

- Our child safety locks are made from super strong and robust plastics which contain no nasty chemicals that can affect your child’s health and development. 

- Be wary of cheap, dangerous alternatives and instead opt for our approved locks for complete peace of mind. Protect your baby from unexpected danger of opening the fridge door.

- Our upgraded universal design fits most refrigerator models. Ideal for keeping cabinets, drawers, cupboard and appliance doors closed.

- Our child safety locks are easy and inexpensive and should be a part of any place children spend time. Child safety locks come in many varieties and are usually relatively inexpensive. They can be as important as your child's car seat and should not be overlooked. You won't regret taking the time to purchase and install these safety features. 

- Our product keeps your child away from harmful cleaning products and other dangerous.

Our product is suitable for most cabinets, side by side refrigerators, drawers, microwaves, storage doors and so on. Safely keeping curious babies and active pets away from cabinets. No tools or drilling required. They are incredibly easy for adults to unlock but children just cannot access them making them perfect for keeping your little one safe.