Eco-Friendly 10 Piece Bamboo Toothbrushes

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Want to start your journey to promote and encourage a plastic-free future?
- Our products use plastic-free packaging Each toothbrush is hygienically sealed the professional way. 
- Once you've finished with your bamboo toothbrush, why not upcycle it in arts & crafts - it's a nice piece of bamboo after all!
- Our bamboo toothbrush could be the start of an easy change towards a plastic-free future
- Our product is reducing the 3.6 BILLION plastic toothbrushes produced annually into biodegradable and organic ones
- Our product allows you to get the same clean feeling as a plastic toothbrush but without harming the environment!
- Why not try our charcoal bristle that promotes natural whitening without the need for chemicals for only £1 extra!