Revolutionary Brow Thickening and Volumising Soap

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Do you wish to add thickness, texture or volume to your brows?

- The eyebrows soap is a clear setting product that when brushed through the natural eyebrow adds thickness, volume and texture.

- Our eyebrow soap promoting healthy hair growth by being a natural conditioner containing jojoba oil, vitamin E and natural beeswax

- This product is made from organic materials, therefore, having mild and non-irritating features. 

- The specially designed, all-natural and organic formula is designed for brows of all types. 

- It’s free from fragrance, colour, and foaming agents, so it won’t lather up, cause irritation, or leave unwanted residue in your brows.

- Our product can be used before using an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to help make eyebrow makeup last longer. 

- Whether you have sparse brows that need a helping hand or you are rocking that bushy look, you can get fluffy brows using our product